Machine Parkour


Balkan Machine. In order to convert the trimmings according to their color and to transform them into fibers, by means of 6 stage drums, fabricated particles are formed into fibers.


A certain mixture of raw material is passed through the willow machine. And it is delivered from willow machine to metal room, and then from metal room to boxes, and from boxes to the  super opener with the help of the fans, and finally to combs. In the meantime, this blend mixture goes up to the top. The fibers are released from the congested state and is there is presence of the coarse particles; they are removed.
3 willow
8 metal rooms
2 boxes
3 super opener
1 mixer
3 metal holder magnets


In total 24 Trützschler cards. Here, the fibers released are paralyzed and the short fibers separated. In strips, they are classifed into buckets.

Draw frames

Combination of the card sliver in the desired and desired dubbing is applied to obtain the desired number of draw frames.

Open – End

Trimmer strips are connected to the machines to obtain the desired parameters.

1 Rieter R36 – 600 eyed
2 Schlaforst BD7 – 600 eyed
3 Schlaforst BD 6 – 480 eyed
2 Schlaforst BD 448 – 160 eyed

Streching machine

With HÜR Technical Brand


Cedid Brand. It is used to give moisture to the yarn and to reduce hairness and to get a better touch.


Laboratory equipments

  • Uster tester 5: yarn values (thin, thick, neps)
  • Uster tensorapıt 4: measures yarn strength and elasticity. (breakage force)
  • Mdta 3 ve quıck spın: color preparation device.Raw material in various proportions to maket he drawer strip and the samples are made from these strips.  (to adjust the color in actual production)
  • Black sheet: It is used to see smoothness or irregularity in the yarn. In other word;  neps and hairness
  • Abraj room: A room that consists of abraj control from purple light and day light
    Strip spinner and yarn spinner: it is used to measure yarn number and strip number