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About Us

 In 2009, Tent Textile and Forest Products Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. started to produce tent fabric from goat hair. Ltd. Şti. Continues its production service at its 15.500 m² closed and 32.500 m² open area facility in Uşak.

Asia is one of the tent manufacturers make tent Turkey 5, 2013, according to data DENİB Bristle Canvas exports of Turkey with 92%, while the world makes the tent has 60% of the market.

Asia Tent Industry Trade Ltd. Ltd. Şti has a capacity of weaving 2.500 tons of goat hair yarn and 2 million m² bristle cloths. By investing 2.000.000 USD in 2012 and 2013, it has increased its production capacity by 100%.

In 2013, the company started to produce degenerated yarn by investing 1.500.000 USD in Uşak Mixed Organized Industrial Zone and investing 2.500.000 USD Open-End facility.

Asian Tent; largely rugs in 2014 in his covenant as a result of international aid foundation, blankets, and shelter was found in the supply tent and still aid committee of the said areas in Turkey continues to be the largest supplier.

Asian Tent; In line with the needs of the sector and the market, we continue to invest and continue to produce bristle tents, bristle tents, cotton tents, PVC tents, and degenerated yarn in our factories in Usak Mixed Organized Industrial Zone.

Middle East and meet the needs of tents and textile sector in Turkey and keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level.

Up to 2025 by increasing the capacities of our tent and textile production to have a market in 3 different continents.

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